Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I read this post at I thought it was well written. is dedicated to the majority of citizens concerned about how their borders and immigration laws have been so poorly managed. It's not about selfishly protecting the country at the exclusion of anyone new, it's about being a nation of laws, the same laws for everyone and this has nothing to do with racism. History cannot be re-wound as some would like to the days of the Pueblo People, a time of barrenness before the borders were established. Every developed country now has immigration laws, otherwise chaos and anarchy results, sovereignty and national identity is diluted. The United States naturalization laws have been established since March 26, 1790. Most Americans respect the laws of their nation while raising their children to do the same, yet they know about those in the country illegally that violate not only the immigration laws but virtually every law. They notice the unscrupulous businesses that hire them and the government agencies that cater to them at great expense. It's obvious the U.S. government is allowing this to occur, this needs to be exposed. This is also an offense to the millions of honest immigrants who have become citizens through the legal process, not trying to see what they can get away with living in the shadows. To live and work in America must remain an invited and controlled privilege, not to be gained by back-door tactics.

For decades Americans have witnessed millions of illegal immigrants openly live by a very 'un-American' second set of rules; catch-and-release, a type of sanctuary status that diplomats don't receive, failure to appear in court, immigrant gangs, drug and human smuggling, violent crimes, massive I.D.fraud, motor vehicle violations, tax free incomes, social services, emergency room abuse, public school burdens, free medical and anchor babies. This is weakening America at its core, yet amazingly our citizens are expected to buy into the myth that illegal immigration is somehow "good for America." They must ask if these are the people they want to reward with United States citizenship. Americans know the 14th Amendment was not intended to reward illegal mothers. They're outraged that their elected leadership has allowed this amendment like a magnet to be violated on such a scale. Are all illegal immigrants bad people, of course not. However, all of them have in bad-faith violated our immigration laws and this in-turn leads to a long string of other violations that impact all of society. The illegals themselves are often the ones who pay the highest price living in the shadows (example; unreported crimes for fear of deportation), rarely assimilating or perhaps not even wanting to. Many actually live quite well here, while others with their thrifty lifestyles wire billions in tax free income back to their native country for powerful savings accounts or to build homes many Americans will never realize themselves.

Americans know that with one phone call from their President, within one week the resources of the United States military could secure the remaining open border sections known for crossings. Internally, because of their activities in country, more than 600,000 state and local law enforcement officers come into contact with illegal aliens every day, yet few are turned over to ICE, this must change. Because the U.S. government has failed to manage the existing immigration laws, how can it be trusted to manage a new and much larger amnesty guest worker program? Americans also see the inconsistency of talking tough about border security while at the same time providing billions in government services for those in the country illegally, agencies who don't even ask for their legal status. Providing free services to illegal immigrants uses resources that the American poor need, our citizens must have the priority. The costs for providing those 'free' services are being shifted over into higher taxes and higher insurance premiums, this must stop. The American people can no longer be forced bear the weight of the failed leadership of its neighboring countries, those countries and their people must do this for themselves. A higher quality of life instantly enjoyed in America is not valued, every country must of its own sweat-equity and leadership develop better standards and opportunities for their people.

This is about is being a nation of laws, and when allowed to be broken on a scale this large there are repercussions few could have imagined. There's an underlying strategy that slowly America will just get used to the idea of 20-30 million illegal immigrants and come to accept it, all indications point to a resounding no! This is about national security, jobs for citizens and legal immigrants first, saving their communities from third-world standards and demanding what is best for America above a very narrow political and business self interest.

I think it's time to wake up. Wake up now!

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